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Welcome to VegasPokerPro! The staff at VPP is dedicated to reviewing all of the pocker rooms online and featuring only the best. We have arranged for exclusive deposit bonus offers when you sign up through any of our links. In order to qualify for the pocker bonus featured below is click on the visit arrow, and start downloading the free pocker software. If you are interested in learning how to play pocker, then you should start out by visiting the free poker rooms, such as or You can play for free on either of these two sites. And once you feel ready to play for real money, both sites have live pocker tables available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pocker Rooms

Party Poker
Party Poker is one of the original online poker rooms around. This site is featured here because the players are mostly fish bettors that are new to poker and therefore mostly easy to win money off of.

PokerStarsPokerStars is the top rated online poker room around. They offer free games at, and real money games at They are endorsed by a ton of different poker pros, including Daniel Negreanu and Barry Greenstein. PokerStars does offer a $600 bonus when you sign up for your first account.

Free Full Tilt Poker
FullTiltPoker offers one of the best sign up bonuses online – a 100% up to $600 on your first deposit. While not as big of a room as PokerStars, they still offer enough variety to keep every pocker player satisfied. Download their free poker software and find out why Full Tilt Poker is one of our top rated online pocker room.

Playing Online Pocker is a little scary when you think about it. Many pocker star players at one time or another crave action like an alcoholic craves his next drink. However the alcoholic has to get up off the couch to get that drink, even if its to go to the refrigerator. A pocker player with a computer has only to push a few buttons to transfer money into his or her online account. The amount of self-control needed is often provided by an awareness of how easily one can lose a lot of money. Controlling anything online as opposed to live pocker games takes more focus and discipline because of its solitude; it is more of a battle within you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when playing pocker online; you should have realized after your first time online that it’s a whole different game. Without faces to read or voices to listen to, everyone at the table begins on the same plain. While some might say that you can read a bluff or weakness by the amount of time taken to bet, others would consider it merely wishful thinking. I have personally played and waited to make a bet hoping that that would register as weakness, as if it took me extra time to decide if I wanted to call with my weak hand. Then again since you can’t see the other players the delay could be because one of them is putting out a small kitchen fire for all you know. The best way to judge a pocker player online is to watch how he plays. It can be very instructional to watch the table for ten minutes before you start playing. If you get a feel for a table, perhaps if you see people are folding when small bets are made, you might want to make a mental note in case you want to bluff later. People often fall into categories in pocker; chaser, slow player, bluffer, etc. If you notice a player folding 90% of the time and then suddenly he raises you could infer it’s a poor time to try and steal the pot. It is a similar kind of awareness at a live table, however there is far less control and your reads might be less accurate.

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