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VPP’s Poker Resource section is one of the most comprehensive poker resource guides on the Internet today. This section includes poker strategy articles, profiles of professional poker players, and poker home games. Check out our Live Tournament Feed to see upcoming tournaments that meet your search criteria at all different poker rooms. We also offer an excellent source for poker news, poker room reviews and all kinds of poker resources.

Most Popular VPP Resources

  • FreePoker – Collection of sites offering play money games where you can learn how to play.
  • Poker News – Read the latest poker news from around the world.
  • Poker Strategy – Poker strategy articles geared towards the beginner to advanced player.

Featured Online Poker Rooms
Poker Strategy & Articles

These are reviews of VPP’s Featured Online Poker Rooms. They are among the Internets most popular online poker rooms. Everyone has their own preferences and priorities on what is important to them and thus may prefer different sites that better fit their personality or style. To see a side-by-side comparison, please visit our Poker Rooms Page.


This section contains VPP’s latest entertaining and informative articles covering all aspects of poker , including online poker, live casino poker, and your standard poker home games. Learn about new strategy, or just read for fun. For a full list of original articles, please visit our Poker Strategy page.

General Poker Information
Poker Game Rules

Just getting started playing poker? Or you want a quick refresher on the basics? Below you’ll find everything you need covering general poker information. Learn the basic rules of how to play this game, what hands beat what, how to bet, raise, or fold. You’ll also find some helpful tips from the pros that every poker player should live by.


There are hundreds of different poker variations out there, but these are the big ones that every poker player should know. If you’ve mastered your Texas Hold’em play, why not try working on your Seven Card Stud, Five Card Stud, or your Omaha poker poker game. For a variety of different Thursday night games, please visit Poker Home Games.

Poker DVD Reviews
Poker Blogs
There are generally three types of poker DVDs. Whichever type of poker DVD you are searching for, you can find all of the most popular DVDs in our Poker DVD Review section along with reviews written by members of VegasPokerPro giving their opinions on DVDs that they have watched.


In the VPP Poker Blogs, you will find poker blogs written by poker pros from around the country. From France, to New Jersey, to Chicago, to Las Vegas, our VPP bloggers have played poker across the world. There skill level ranges from the Vegas Pro to the recreational player. Their stories will entertain you, make you think, and who knows, maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two!

Professional Poker Players
Poker Book Reviews

VPP’s Poker Pro section features bios of all the greatest poker players in the world. From Doyle Brunson to Annie Duke. You’ll find all the information you’ve always wanted to know about your favorite professional poker player.


In VPP’s Poker Book Review section you will find a selection of the most useful and most popular poker books available. To help you wade through all these books to determine what is best for you, members of VegasPokerPro have written reviews giving their opinions on books that they have read.

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